Software is an advanced solution for professional two-way radios that offers the following features: - Dispatcher module : Monitor all the radio traffic over IP in analog and digital mode - Fleet management module : Monitor and manage subscribers both in analogue and digital (private call, group call, short data message, alarm…) - Bridge module : Interconnexion between dPMR and DMR networks (voice only), VHF/UHF - Tracking module : Monitor and track the location and movement of subscribe with GPS on a map (google or open street map) with geofencing capacity - Phone patch module (pots line or SIP) - Link module : IP interconnexion in analog and digital between repeaters

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Les + Produits

  • Radio operator module: Possible to manage the entire IP network in analog and digital
  • Fleet management module : User management (individual call, group call, SDM, alarm management)
  • Bridge mode : dPMR DMR interlink (voice only)
  • Tracking module : Live GPS tracking on Open Street Map.
  • Phone patch module (analog phone or IP SIP)
  • Link mode : Interconnection between repeaters in mixed mode (analog/digital)