Technical advice

Assistance and training:

Home to a team of radio communication engineers and IT specialists, we can address any issues encountered by seeking to improve existing systems (developments, upgrades) as well as exploring new innovations. 

Our staff may therefore be working directly from a rear base or wherever the client is based.
A team at your service!  ICOM
A team at your service!

As a result of ICOM’s business activities, it has put in place a specific structure in order to meet the demands of the market by:

  •  Being able to quickly intervene all across the world for assistance missions.
  • Supplying all different types of additional equipment and accessories (aerials, power generators, solar panels and so on).
  • Implementing on-site technical training courses.
  • Offering specific logistics with emergency maintenance kits.
  • Being able to replace parts and components with equivalent products from all brands.
  • Providing a website with secure access containing all business and technical information requested by ICOM’s customers.