Fight against counterfeit

100% of ALL Icom radios are produced only
at our factories in Japan
Icom has its own manufacturing facilities only in Japan.
We have NO Icom factories outside Japan. (The only Icom products that might be produced outside our factories in Japan are certain accessories produced by Icom approved manufacturers.)

You can rely on durable and high performance operation for a long time without having to frequently replace your radios.

Icom radios marked " Made in China" or made in another country are 100% fake.
* Accessories such as batteries, chargers, microphones and other items can be made in other countries.

Genuine vs Counterfeit

Although the prices of counterfeit products are less than genuine products, counterfeit products have the following disadvantages and risks compared to genuine Icom products.

  • No support from Icom as the products are not Icom products.
  • Much shorter product life (You need to replace the radios more often).
  • Shorter communication range (Which means your voice may not reach as far as you expected).
  • Lower sensitivity (Which means you may not hear a signal).
  • Shorter battery life (Which means you must change or recharge your battery often).
  • Risk of leakage, fire or explosion of the battery.
  • Not as rugged as a genuine Icom radio. It may easily break if you drop it.
  • Lower performance at high or low temperatures or in severe environments.
  • The display has a narrower viewing angle (Which means the characters on the display are vague).

Normally counterfeit products are not type approved. You might be penalized or your products can be confiscated under your country´s law.

L'utilisateur s’expose à des risques de poursuites et la contrefaçon peut être saisie par les autorités locales.

What is the Icom policy regarding counterfeit products and their suppliers

If you suspect that you have been offered or sold counterfeit Icom products, we ask that you contact your local distributor in your country immediately. You can find our authorized distributor at the following web site. They can also introduce reliable suppliers close to your location.

EX : For France contactez ICOM France

How to distinguish genuine Icom radios from counterfeit (fake) radios

The "3D GENUINE Icom label" is attached to the models shown below. This label enables you to distinguish genuine Icom products from counterfeit (fake) products. If the label is not attached to the product when you purchased it, the product is probably counterfeit. If the radio does not have the label, contact your dealer or distributor and exchange it for a radio with the proper label. The labels will be attached from October, 2013.

As shown in the image above, the Icom logo and GENUINE, can be alternately viewed by changing the viewing angle. The images can be seen more clearly in sunlight and under direct light. If the image does not change, the product could be counterfeit (fake). You should not buy it, or you should exchange it for a radio with the proper label.
The label will be attached to: IC-V80, IC-U80/L, IC-V82, IC-V88/U88 IC-G80, IC-80FX, IC-2300H, IC-V8000 IC-F1000/F2000, IC-F16/F26, IC-M23/M24. IC-M304, IC-M411/412.

How to find the genuine hologram label?

Three types of counterfeit (fake) Icom products

Type I
Copies of currently produced models
IC-V82, IC-V80(-T), IC-V80E, IC-U80, IC-U80L, IC-G80, IC-80FX, IC-2300H(-T), IC-M304
Type II
Copies of discontinued models
(No production/inventory)
IC-V8, IC-V85, IC-2200H
Type III
Non-Icom models but with
an Icom logo
Non-Icom model IC-V87, IC-V89, IC-UV91