Handheld vhf marine radios

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Handheld VHF marine transceiver 156-163.425MHz 5W waterproof standard IPx7 (30min immersion to 1m deep) with LCD display, FLOAT'N FLASH feature. Available in grey, white and blue

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Handheld marine VHF transceiver 156-163MHz 6W, 70 channels, LCD display and keypad, IPX7 protection (30min immersion to 1m depth) with AquaQuake function, Float'N Flash, voice boost, Dual and Tri-Watch, history function with five last channels used for easy recall, low battery alert. Supplied with battery, charger, antenna and clip belt

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Marine VHF handheld transceiver, 156-163.425MHz, 6W, LCD display and keypad, IP-X8 protection (1.50m depth of water for 30 min), 700mW audio power

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Handheld VHF marine and PMR ultra-compact 156-163MHz, 5W, 100 channels, with LCD screen and keypad, IP67 protection (immersion 30min to 1m depth), professional freq. 136-174MHz, 700mW powerful audio, CTCSS/DTCS, 32-code voice scrambler

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Marine VHF handheld 156-163.275 MHz 5W, large high contrast dot matrix LCD 2.3", With DSC Class H, GPS "man overboard" function, IPX7 protection with AquaQuake function, floating, active noise cancelling

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Handheld VHF marine and PMR band transceiver 146-174MHz 1W 97 channels with LCD display IP-X7 waterproot with scan function and automatic control, compact and connector 9-pin and ATEX EE x ib II A T3

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Handheld VHF marine band transceiver 156,300-156.875MHz 2W 19 channel GMDSS LCD and keypad standard GMDSS (shock of thermal temperature vibration and resistance to falls of up to 1m) scan function, catch accessories. Delivered complete with a rechargeable battery pack and a charger. Available in PACK version, delivered in addition with a BP-234 lithium battery, to meet MED "Wheel Mark" requirements

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Hand-held VHF air band transceiver 121.500 and 123.100MHz, 2 channels, 6W PEP, dot matrix LCD, keyboard, 8,33kHz spacing channel, IP57, Bluetooth function depending on version, MIL-STD810G. Special version for marine use, compliant with ANFR recommendation & DGAC approved

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UHF "ON-BOARD" marine handheld 400-470MHz, 2W, man down and lone worker functions, IP67 protection, OTAA compatibility, analog and digital mixed mode NXDN, for on board marine use. Supplied with battery and rapid charger, clip belt, short and long antenna

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UHF "ON-BOARD" marine handheld 400-470MHz, 2W, 512 channels, man down and lone worker function, voice recording, built-in Bluetooth, IP67 protection, analog/digital mixed mode (NXDN or dPMR depending on the version). For onboard marine use. Delivered with stubby antenna (without charger)