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ICOM PPMS Packs are innovative solutions to communicate and trigger alerts, specially designed for public establishments. The solutions are optimized for easy installation inside and outside buildings. Staff, school administrations, teachers and law enforcement cars safely communicate and coordinate in case of an emergency. Equipped with easy-to-use professional communication handheld radios or LTE devices with an emergency button, the equipments answer your needs: instantaneous calls, distress call, alarm trigger, loudspeaker connection to give instructions, ...

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Illustration National Congress of firefighters 2023

National Congress of firefighters 2023

National Congress of Firefighters of France 2023 ICOM France will attend to the National ...

Illustration MILIPOL Paris 2023

MILIPOL Paris 2023

ICOM France will be present to MILIPOL Paris 2023 : the leading event for homeland security and ...