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License-Free PMR446 Radios

ECC Decision (15)05

The free circulation of radio communication products and the provision of equipment in Europe for radio communications are only achievable if there are common regulations throughout Europe regarding the availability of frequency bands, harmonised technical conditions and border crossing procedures.

The main requirements for fulfilling these objectives for analogue and digital PMR 446 radio equipment are the Europe-wide availability of a suitable frequency band, harmonised technical conditions and the implementation of national regulations based on the Harmonised European Standard EN 303 405.

Following ECC Decision (15)05, new PMR446 frequencies are being introduced across Europe from 2016 to ensure the continued availability of license-free analogue and digital PMR446 frequency bands, increase capacity and reduce congestion.
Now both analogue and digital bandwidths have been extended to use the full spectrum of 446.000 to 446.200 MHz, giving you more channel options with less interference!


The IC-F29SDR’s digital channels offer stable communication that is the most suitable for professional use. There is no need to apply for a licence so you can immediately use it as required. The radio contains both 32 digital channels and 16 analogue channels, making it compatible with existing PMR446 radios.

Dual mode
The F29SDR can be used in both digital and analogue mode at the same timeand can scan both zones at once. This allows an orgnaisation to operate both digital and analogue radios in their fleets.

F29SDR can operate in dPMR and analog mode.

IP67-dust-tight and waterproof
The IC-F29SDR can withstand submersion in 1 m depth of water for 30 minutes. This rugged construction provides dust-tight protection, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Channel announcement
A voice message indicates the channel selected.

With optional headset, built-in VOX function provides convenient hands-free operation.

Voice announcement function
When you rotate the rotary selector, the radio announces the selected channel number. The radio also announces the zone number and mode when the zone button is pushed.

Group call
Digital common ID can be used for a group call. These codes and ID can be programmed to the 16 position rotary selector for instant call capability.

12 types of ring tone
When you prearrange any ring tone for an emergency, the ring tone can be used for an emergency alert.

Other: VOX capability, outsanding audio quality, scan features...

What are the benefits of PMR446 walkie talkie radios?

PMR stands for Personal Mobile Radio and PMR446 refers to the UHF frequency range 446MHz on which license-free two-way radios are permitted to operate in the European Union on a restricted frequencies from 446.000 to 446.200 MHz without the need for licence-fees or other requirements.
License-free radios are generally handheld radios used for business or personal use to keep in touch with friends or family.

PMR446 walkie-talkies are appreciated because they offer effective and general-purpose communications and are less expensive than conventional licenced radios and very easy to use after with no infrastructure required.

Licence-free radio benefits:
  • No need for a licence and free calls
  • No contract fees or infrastructure costs
  • No installation required
  • Pre-programmed radio frequencies
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Instantaneous calls
  • Excellent voice quality and performance
  • Group call
  • Operate throughout the European Union

Licence-free radio applications:

You might be interested in using licence-free radios for your business activities for example for security, construction, catering, logistics or factory workers, for event managers or tourist operators…

To see an example of a professional PMR446 Walkie Talkie check out Icom’s new IC-F29SDR.

PMR446 radios can also be used for leisure activities like sport (walkers, runners, bicycle riders…) or music events and other shows.

So if you are looking for a simple radio solution, look no further than Icom FRANCE’s range of licence free PMR446 walkie-talkies.