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Full-Duplex communication over a wireless LAN and IP network

An alternative to traditional analogue/digital two way radio systems

For your business applications, two way radio communication are very important! And yet, it’s sometimes difficult to get a radio license depending where you are.

Icom's innovative IP advanced radio system is an efficient and secure technology working on existing or new IP/WLAN network with no need for license or antenna system.

The WLAN based system offers a scalable license-free communication system using existing wireless networking products infrastructure. The IP advanced radio system is thus particularly interesting for hotels and resorts, department stores, restaurants, factories, hospitals, tunnels, parking and underground buildings, museums, private communications onboard vessels…

Using the ICOM’s compact IP100H WLAN/IP powerful radio, professionals can enjoy many features:

  • Easy system to set up and use
  • License free system
  • Range is only restricted by your IP network coverage
  • Encrypted communications for extra security
  • Full duplex communications
  • Individual and group calls: up to 100 users can communicate at the same time
  • Excellent audio quality
  • IP Advanced Radio PC Dispatcher (IP100FS) for users’location
  • Simple system to manage with IP1000C
  • Licence Free call charges
  • Short Text Messages & Status
  • IP Phone & ransceiver interconnection with VE-PG4
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