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Discover our new product !

Let us introduce you the new mobile range who replaces the 5060D series. This range is composed of 2 new generation entry level mobile, utilizing the lastest design platform. 

Discover the 5130D mobile

The IC-F5130D (VHF) /F6130D (UHF) is a simple single-body IDAS mobile radio. It offers a new design with large, high-visibility LCD display with black background and 8-character negative backlight. Supporting critical and industry communication users, and offering an affordable digital and/or analog solution. You can interconnect your IC-F5130D series with other radio system via the VE-PG4, versatile RoIP gateway unit. 

Discover the 5330D mobile

A major improvement for all users, the PMR 5330D handheld is designed in 2 parts: a "Black Box" main unit and a remote microphone connected via IP network. The microphone can be deported up to 100M with a cat 5e ethernet cable.

How does it work ?

It allow flexible Installation with a PoE Switch and IP Network Using a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch (as the power supply to the microphone) and an IP network, you can easily install the IC-F5330D series into a building*. In this installation scenario, you don't have to worry about the distance between the main unit and the Commandmic™. Also, as the main (RF) unit can be installed close to the antenna, cable loss is kept to a minimum. * In-building usage is not available in some countries

installation_f5330d PMR ICOM

ICOM professional radio range

ICOM is a world-leading manufacturer of professional radio communication solutions and innovative security systems.
For 50 years, we have been making our know-how available to the various players in the private sector (private companies, associations, organisations) and the public sector (public administrations, local authorities - maries, municipal police, roads, green spaces, etc.).

Our expertise covers all your communication needs on private networks:

Reliable, high-performance, robust, scalable and easy to use, ICOM's solutions incorporate the latest technologies to better adapt to the expectations of companies, local authorities, Smart Cities, etc.

Throughout the country, ICOM and its local distributors can provide you with tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs: advice, audit, coverage study, installation, equipment supply and maintenance.


Hybrid IP radios for local & nationwide communications

In 2021, ICOM continues to innovate with a hybrid equipment combining for the first time the advantages of two high-performance technologies: LTE operated mobile networks and PMR networks.
Thanks to the new IP730D serie, you benefit from a secure private network, unequalled continuity of service and interoperability with existing means of communications.

The hybrid solution particularly suited to Public Service missions. The latter require reliable communication and an optimal level of resilience for the intervention of agents and the protection of populations, particularly in the event of a crisis.

IDAS makes the transition from analog communications to digital communications easy

IDAS is Icom’s digital radio system that you can easily customize to suit your needs!
High audio quality, noise reduction, greater security and integrated data are all features implemented in the IDAS today.
You can start with a conventional simple system and then add more sites or build a trunked system.
IDAS trunking frequency is the most effective system on the market today.

IDAS is designed to make the transition to digital technology as smoothly as possible.
No total shift is necessary which is usually required to begin using a digital system.
IDAS radios can operate in analog / digital mode, so communication is not lost between your old radios and your new digital IDAS.

IDAS offers a complete system of hand-held radio stations, mobile stations, repeaters, IP-based control board, dispatcher, System Manager software and various acessories.

Big on audio, small on size!


The IC-F1100D series improve on the past performance of the IC-F1000D series as well as setting a new standard in digital communication (IDASTM). This model continues Icom’s reputation for high power audio clarity with a leading edge 1500 mW speaker. These compact handheld radios are also waterproof, dust-tight and come with a long lasting battery.
The handheld units are available in three designs which are:
- Simple version with no display or keypad (IC-F1100D)
- Simple keypad and display version (IC-F1100DS)
- Full keypad and display version (IC-F1100DT)

  • Analog/digital conventional mixed mode operation

  • Loud and clear audio: 1500mW speaker

  • Compact with a rugged waterproof and dustproof chassis (IP67)

  • AquaQuake™ to clear water away from the speaker grill

  • Display with simple or full keypad

  • GPS position capabilities with HM-171GPW

  • Delivered with antenna, battery, charger and belt clip



A New Legacy: Slimmer, Smaller and Infinitely Better


The IC-F52D next generation IDAS™ handheld radio not only inherits technical design advantages from the IC-F3400D series, but also offers state-of-the-art improvements, while applying size and usability from the hugely popular IC-F50V/IC-F50 series analog models.
The IC-F52D series is a true mixture of legacy and modern technology in one of the most compact packages available today.

  • Small, light and feature packed

  • Multiple operating modes
- Analog FM
- NXDN™/dPMR™ conventional
- Upgradable to NXDN™ Type-D trunking
- Upgradable to dPMR™ Mode 3 trunking

  • Full dot-matrix display, rotary channel and volume knob for simple every-day operation
  • Built-in Bluetooth®, voice recording, active noise cancelling functions
  • Motion/stationary detection, man down and lone worker functions
  • OTAP (Over-the-Air Programming) function easily reconfigures in-the-field radios
  • Intelligent battery management helps to extend the battery life