Tie-clip microphone 2.5mm earphone jack. Earphone not supplied.

  • HM-163MC Microphones - ICOM

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Headsets and earphones

Image 0 - ICOM


Earphone with 2,5mm plug Microphone not supplied

Image 1 - ICOM


D shape listen only with 2,5mm plug

Image 2 - ICOM


Clear acoustic tube earphone with clothing clip with 2,5mm threaded connector. Microphone not supplied.

Image 3 - ICOM


Earhook type earphone with 2,5mm plug. Microphone not supplied.


Image 0 - ICOM


PMR VHF H/H 136-174 MHz, 5W, 512 channels vibration, mandown integrated, voice recording, bluetooth, IP67, NXDN (delivered without antenna and charger)

Image 1 - ICOM


PMR UHF H/H 400-470 MHz, 5W, 512 channels vibration, mandown integrated, voice recording, bluetooth, IP67, dPMR or NXDN depending on the version (delivered without antenna and charger)

Image 2 - ICOM


Handheld VHF marine and PMR ultra-compact 156-163MHz, 5W, 100 channels, with LCD screen and keypad, IP67 protection (immersion 30min to 1m depth), MIL-STD810G compliant, professional freq. 136-174MHz, 700mW powerful audio, CTCSS/DTCS, 32-code voice scrambler

Image 3 - ICOM


1st satellite PTT handset ! IP67/55/54 water resistant and MIL-STD810G compliant. Icom has entered into a partnership with Iridium to develop an innovative satellite PTT communications handset : real-time communication throughout the world using the Iridium satellite network. Individual or group communication enabled with only a push of a PTT button. Stable and reliable communication ensured even if large-scale disasters occur on earth and terrestrial networks are compromised. Suitable for use in critical and isolated area (desert, moutain, island…) and for an emergency situations such as natural disaster, crisis management… This equipment is dedicated to humanitarian and aid missions, rescue services, to multinationals, etc.

Image 4 - ICOM


UHF "ON-BOARD" marine handheld 400-470MHz, 2W, 512 channels, man down and lone worker function, voice recording, built-in Bluetooth, IP67 protection, analog/digital mixed mode (NXDN or dPMR depending on the version). For onboard marine use. Delivered with stubby antenna (without charger)

Image 5 - ICOM


Hybrid IP handheld transceiver, LTE and Marine VHF 5W, two PTT buttons, Bluetooth, GPS, ATIS, IP67, AquaQuake. Supplied with battery, antenna and belt clip

Image 6 - ICOM


Hybrid IP handheld transceiver, LTE (4G)/3G and PMR VHF 136-174MHz, 5W, 128 channels, dual SIM, two PTT buttons, CTCSS compatible, OTAP, OAA, Bluetooth, GPS, IP67 protection, LTE digital mode NXDN conventional and analog (antenna and charger not supplied)