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Magnet-mount external antenna supplied with 1.5m cable

  • AH-40 Antennas - ICOM

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Chargers and alimentations

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Docking station, works kitch DC power supply of 9-32V, anti-theft function. Supplied with the DC cable, multiplug AC adapter and cable adapter. Mounting kit (standard AMPS or UNC hole pattern) and antenna not included


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One-touch connector kit, quick releasing and attaching antenna. Kit containing two SMA-F to BNC-M connectors, one antenna element and one SMA-M to BNC-F "gooseneck" antenna


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Coaxial cable 6,5m for satellite antenna, for connection between DC BOX and satellite handset, SMA connector


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1st satellite PTT handset ! IP67/55/54 water resistant and MIL-STD810G compliant. Icom has entered into a partnership with Iridium to develop an innovative satellite PTT communications handset : real-time communication throughout the world using the Iridium satellite network. Individual or group communication enabled with only a push of a PTT button. Stable and reliable communication ensured even if large-scale disasters occur on earth and terrestrial networks are compromised. Suitable for use in critical and isolated area (desert, moutain, island…) and for an emergency situations such as natural disaster, crisis management… This equipment is dedicated to humanitarian and aid missions, rescue services, to multinationals, etc.


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Satellite PTT mobile, integrated GPS receiver IP67 (antenna with RF unit), IP54 (main unit) / IP55 (microphone) protection, MIL-STD810G compliant, built-in Bluetooth, Short Data Message (SDM), Voice Recording function, 10.5-32V. Supplied with antenna (with RF unit), multi-fontional speaker-microphone, DC power cable, 20m LAN cable and mobile bracket