Simultaneous TalkListen

Discover the "Simultaneous TalkListen" feature

With almost all business radios, when you receive a call, you can't answer the caller while they are talking. In some situations, waiting until the end of a transmission to give your point of view can be problematic.
That's why ICOM has developed the Simultaneous TalkListen feature, which allows you to talk while receiving a call, just like with a cell phone.

Find this new full-duplex capacity on ICOM IP radios and PoC systems bearing the Simultaneous TalkListen trademark (see visual below).

talk-listen-simultaneous Simultaneous TalkListen ICOM

What are the advantages of Simultaneous TalkListen?

Thanks to the Simultaneous TalkListen function, which allows you to talk and listen at the same time, you can save precious time for your organization and in certain situations deal more efficiently with emergencies!

With Simultaneous TalkListen you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster management of critical situations
  • Ability to interrupt an ongoing call to provide information
  • Involvement of all your interlocutors in the same conversation

Who is Simultaneous TalkListen for?

The Simultaneous TalkListen capability of ICOM IP and PoC radios is an asset for many professionals, especially for critical communications and teamwork!

Rescue and emergency :
Personal, population, city (disaster, flood, storm) and emergency service professions need clear and accurate communications to handle emergencies in record time. When people's lives are at stake, every second counts in critical communications! Simultaneous TalkListen allows emergency professionals to exchange information simultaneously on a critical situation in order to provide an appropriate response as soon as possible.

Industry, construction, transport and logistics:
For professions that require good coordination between teams and departments, a group communication method that allows full-duplex exchanges can save precious time. With the Simultaneous TalkListen function of the ICOM radios, your interlocutors can take part and interrupt a discussion to bring constructive information without having to wait for the end of the transmission in progress.

Surveillance, Commerce, Sales...
Some jobs require the most natural communication possible, just like with a telephone. This is the case, for example, in retail and sales where conversations can be overheard by a third party. With a radio with simultaneous Talk Listen you can speak normally.
And for people who are not used to traditional walkie-talkie conversations that require you to hold down the PTT to speak and release it to listen, with Simultaneous TalkListen it's easy to use radios to listen and talk with your callers.

professionnels-urgence-secours Simultaneous TalkListen ICOM

Which radios have Simultaneous TalkListen?

Among the radios supporting the Simultaneous TalkListen, you have the LTE IP503H handheld, the hybrid LTE & PMR IP730D and IP740D handhelds, the LTE IP501M mobile, the Wi-Fi IP100H and IP110H handhelds or the IP503H Lite handheld.