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Hand-held VHF air band transceiver 121.500 and 123.100MHz, 2 channels, 6W PEP, dot matrix LCD, keyboard, 8,33kHz spacing channel, IP57, Bluetooth function depending on version, MIL-STD810G. Special version for marine use, compliant with ANFR recommendation & DGAC approved

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Handheld VHF marine transceiver 156-163.425MHz 5W waterproof standard IPx7 (30min immersion to 1m deep) with LCD display, FLOAT'N FLASH feature. Available in grey, white and blue

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Handheld marine VHF transceiver 156-163MHz 6W, 70 channels, LCD display and keypad, IPX7 protection (30min immersion to 1m depth) with AquaQuake function, Float'N Flash, voice boost, Dual and Tri-Watch, history function with five last channels used for easy recall, low battery alert. Supplied with battery, charger, antenna and clip belt

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Marine VHF handheld transceiver, 156-163.425MHz, 6W, LCD display and keypad, IP-X8 protection (1.50m depth of water for 30 min), 700mW audio power

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Handheld VHF marine and PMR ultra-compact 156-163MHz, 5W, 100 channels, with LCD screen and keypad, IP67 protection (immersion 30min to 1m depth), professional freq. 136-174MHz, 700mW powerful audio, CTCSS/DTCS, 32-code voice scrambler

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Marine VHF handheld 156-163.275 MHz 5W, large high contrast dot matrix LCD 2.3", With DSC Class H, GPS "man overboard" function, IPX7 protection with AquaQuake function, floating, active noise cancelling

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Handheld VHF marine and PMR band transceiver 146-174MHz 1W 97 channels with LCD display IP-X7 waterproot with scan function and automatic control, compact and connector 9-pin and ATEX EE x ib II A T3

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Handheld VHF marine band transceiver 156,300-156.875MHz 2W 19 channel GMDSS LCD and keypad standard GMDSS (shock of thermal temperature vibration and resistance to falls of up to 1m) scan function, catch accessories. Delivered complete with a rechargeable battery pack and a charger. Available in PACK version, delivered in addition with a BP-234 lithium battery, to meet MED "Wheel Mark" requirements

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