Digital - ICOM


PMR VHF/UHF data modem, 9600bps, RS-232C connection and/or Ethernet interface

Digital - ICOM


Communication Server For Wireless LAN up to 20 terminals ou 100 terminals

Digital - ICOM


RoIP gateway, SIP/IP phone system integration, WLAN transceiver for IP100H, LTE interface for IP5000C/IP501H, voice recording to the USB flash drive (4 voice streams max.), multiple I/O ports for external device / radio connection, integrated CT-24 for NXDN/dPMR interconnection, can be used as a base station with the hand microphone, 1U format for 19" rack

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Illustration Salon des Maires 2020

Salon des Maires 2020

ICOM France will be at the 2020 edition of Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales ...